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SAP Hana Administration Videos | Sap Hana Admin Videos

Best Sap Hana administration videos for self learning Sap Hana Admin Videos

Best sap hana administration training videos for easy learning

Subjects Covered in Basic SAP HANA Training:
SAP HANA Installation:
Evaluate prequisites for a SAP HANA installation, verify hardware and operation system, and describe the installation and post-installation tasks.

Data Provisioning:
Evaluate possible scenarios and concepts for replicating and loading data into SAP HANA from various data sources. Use the available data provisioning tools, such as SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), SAP Data Services, or Direct Extractor Connection (DXC).

Database Migration to SAP HANA:
Prepare and execute database migration to SAP HANA using the DMO tool.

Monitoring of SAP HANA:
Set-up and execute effective monitoring of SAP HANA using DBA Cockpit, SAP HANA Studio, and SAP Solution Manager.

Operation of SAP HANA:
Design and implement a administration and operation strategy for SAP HANA (e.g. transport managment, patching and updating, ect.).

Optimization of Data Models and Reporting:
Monitor, investigate and optimize data models and reporting performance on SAP HANA. Advise on modeling approach and tools to achieve optimum performance. Evaluate the impact of different implementation options such as table joins, aggregation, or filters. Understand the implication on performance of the various reporting tools and connection types.

Security and Authorization:
Describe the concept of authorization in SAP HANA, and implement a security model using analytic privileges, SQL privileges, pre-defined roles and schemas. Perform basic security and authorization troubleshooting.

Data modeling – Analytical views:
Implement data models with SAP HANA using analytical views. Advise on the modeling approach and best practices.

Data modeling – Calculation views:
Implement data models with SAP HANA using calculation views, and advise on the modeling approach and best practices.

Advanced data modeling:
Apply advanced data modeling techniques, including currency conversion, variables and input parameters. Implement decision automation using business rules.

Provide advice on reporting strategies, and perform appropriate reporting solutions with SAP HANA. Build reports using various tools, for example, Microsoft Excel or SAP BusinessObjects BI tools.

Data modeling – SQL Script:
Apply SQL Script to enhance the data models in SAP HANA using AFL, CE functions, and ANSI-SQL.

Data modeling – Attribute views:
Implement data models with SAP HANA using attribute views, and advise on the modeling approach and best practices.

Deployment scenarios of SAP HANA:
Describe the deployment scenarios for SAP HANA and evaluate appropriate system configurations.

SAP HANA Live & Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP HANA:
Describe the value of HANA and identify scenarios for SAP delivered content for SAP HANA, such as SAP HANA Live and Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Backup & recovery:
Design and implement back-up and recovery strategy.

System architecture:
Design a system architecture for a SAP HANA implementation including hardware sizing, network requirements and integration with existing architecture.

Troubleshooting of SAP HANA:
Troubleshoot SAP HANA and system performance by debugging SAP HANA, analyzing system locks, system files, and traces.

SAP Hana Administration Videos in Hyderabad,Bangalore

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SAP Hana Administration Videos

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